March 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

Email, text messages, and cell phones have radically changed our world. This has only become more apparent as I travel.

If I had been on a Fulbright even ten years ago, my level of communication with friends and family at home would be dramatically lower. I can call the US from my Sri Lankan cellphone for a few pennies a minute, over google voice the call is free. My mom can call me from skype for about 10 cents a minute. My family can follow me realtime via my blog, twitter, and facebook.

But in this age of instant communication, something has been lost. Last week I got a call from a fellow Fulbrighter, who told me there was a letter at the Fulbright Commission for me. All week I was excited, I hadn’t been expecting anything in the mail.

A pleasant surprise

My grandmother had sent me a letter, it was a really great surprise. Grandmom doesn’t email and doesn’t use the web, so I doubt she’ll read this blog. It was a really pleasant surprise to get a note from her in the mail. Surprisingly her letter took about a week to reach me. Its frustrating that my letters can take months to reach the States, but thats just how life goes.

The letter sits on my desk, and its a nice decoration for my sparse room.

I must remember to send more letters in the future, specifically to friends who are living abroad.