The Fulbright is an amazing opportunity, it gives you the chance to work, study, or teach in a foreign country. My Fulbright gave me the chance teach English in Sri Lanka, it was a tremendous opportunity.

The Fulbright Application Guide

Over my grant I realized that many people were curious about the fellowship, but unsure of how to apply. I crated a free ebook – Brightful: The Fulbright Application Guide - to help demystify the process. It covers topics like: the Fulbright statement of purpose, the personal statement, Fulbright application tips, the history of international education, and sample application essays. 

Click here to get the guide free now – just for tweeting about it.

I want to hear from you about your grant and how the guide helped you apply. Connect with me via twitter.

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  • Ann

    Hi Sean,
    What year were you in Sri Lanka? Did you have an ETA or a research scholarship? Tell me about your adventures.
    I taught at the University of Colombo during the academic year 2002-03. While there my husband and I often had the American students and the other American professor stay with us, come for holidays, etc. We found them delightful.
    Now that I’ve retired from teaching at Coe Collge,, I have taken on the National Fellowship Director position. Right now I am in the midst of advising students who are applying for a Fulbright.
    Best, Ann Struthers

    • aseoconnor

      Hi Ann,

      I was in Sri Lanka from 2012 – 2013. I was on an ETA!

      If you go to brightful.ly/my-fulbright you can read all about my adventures. Let me know if you have more questions!

      Advising students must be a fun change from teaching! I hope the guide I put together may be of some use to you in your new role.