Three Months in Sri Lanka

January 9, 2013 — 1 Comment

The smell of salt water, sounds of soft jazz and sight of the setting sun overwhelm my senses. I’m sitting on the green of the Galle Face Hotel sipping on a cocktail made of arrack and Pimm’s, garnished with mint, lime, and cinnamon.

Today marks the completion of three months in Sri Lanka, time is going by too quickly.

I spent the night on the train from Trinco to Colombo. In the afternoon I went to the American Center for a photo exhibition to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Fulbright. A Sri Lankan who received a Fulbright to go to Berkley had his photos of dias de los muertos celebrations in San Francisco. It was fitting to view this Mexican holiday, celebrated in America, through the lens of a Sri Lankan.

Looking back, the past three months have been eventful – to say the least. I’ve experienced a lot of firsts this year, and the Fulbright is certainly changing me. It’s hard to be aware of changes as they happen, especially in terms of personal development. But after three months, looking back, I’m sure I’ve changed.

Over these three months I’ve experienced a lot of firsts:

This year has been challenging, but after three months I’ve found my groove. Life is going well for me here, and I look forward to the challenges of the next six months.





  • george richardson

    Will definitely ask Mike if he can make that cocktail – sounds, and looks, good to me. Stay well and God Bless.